A Grand National Hindsight!


HorseHindsight is a wonderfully useless gift! Last Saturday, all my stars were lined up in a row, the Ides (of April) were predicting great things, and more black cats crossed my path than you could shake a tin of Whiskas at. So what did I do? Did I bless the handful of lucky heather, pick seven four-leafed clovers and ignore the row of ladders? I’m not a betting man, I wouldn’t know the inside of a betting shop from a ladies hairdresser, so was not contemplating donating to a local bookmaker just because it was Grand National Saturday. However when a Facebook entry from Aurora D read: ‘Aurora’s Encore 66/1… No brainer’, I was willing to step over the portal with spondoolies in my grubby hand…

What was I thinking?
What didn’t I do?
I can’t believe this can be true!
The greatest tip,
I’ve ever had,
66/1 odds weren’t so bad!

In the town,
Granddaughter in tow,
I forgot to bet, don’t you know?
Looked it up,
Mobile Internet,
Outside Waitrose, won’t forget!

The race is run,
Quarter past four,
And the winner is – Aurora’s Encore!
Then I thought,
It’s only money,
Granddaughter giggled, now that was funny!

Auroras EncoreWith apologies to Aurora D, as on July 24th 2012, I suggested that we watch this one as she would set new trends in the history of Auroras (http://www.baldockbard.co.uk/?p=900). I ignored my own prediction and therefore have tended my resignation from the Union of Soothsayers and Predictors (Baldock Branch) with immediate effect. (It should also be noted by the prosecution team, that she is also one of my Granddaughter’s Godmothers and so I am in double-dip-doo-doo!)

© Baldock Bard 2013
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