A Fudge Treat!


A Fudge TreatDo you sometimes give yourself a little reward when you think you deserve it? On Saturday I felt in need of such a treat. I was well on track with preparations for the first of this season’s car boot sales, I had a day off and the sun was shining. I realize that I can’t take credit for the weather, but it was as good an excuse for sneaking into Sweet Paradise (www.sweetparadise.co.uk) for a reward as I’ve heard…

I went to buy some coffee creams,
Withdrawal symptoms haunted my dreams!
I went to Sweet Paradise, my favourite sweeterie,
They’ve all sorts of delights that so suit-a-me!

Lo and behold! Coffee creams out of stock,
What a surprise, oh no, such a shock!
Instead (in mitigation), I’d tell a judge:
“My next favourite a-plenty, vanilla fudge!”

I’m afraid now my story becomes quite obscene,
I ate a bag full of fudge, my face went green!
“You are so disgusting!” yelled Mrs Bard,
“I think I’ll now call you, the Baldock Lard!”

… but the fudge tasted so good it was a wonderful treat!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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