A Memorable Present!


It is always difficult choosing gifts. Make a mistake and the memory lingers like a bad smell. Like it did with Mrs Bard at Christmas many years ago when I bought what I mistakenly thought had been ‘admired’ in an Italian restaurant. The giant pepper pot didn’t really stack up to a friend’s wife’s broadcast joy of an expensive (and ‘new’) microwave! This summer I was treading carefully…

Mrs Bard had a birthday
I thought I’d better make sure
And buy her something memorable
What she’d like, (not a bike, or a saw!)

I looked around for a present
Cookery books she has every one!
Judging by the size of my stomach
That could be, for me, overdone!

I looked for something she could wear,
(She doesn’t like fashion at all),
I’d tried that avenue some years ago,
It was one, not fun, but a fall!

Then I thought of this years summer,
And looked to see what to get,
I’d heard with athletes they’d been popular,
So I got her a 2012 duvet set!

And she liked it a lot!
(Don’t try this at home. Results may vary, in some cases leading to painful and permanent injury)

© Baldock Bard 2012
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