A Special Duck’s Nest


Living on a small farm and being us, we tend to name our animals and birds! It started, quite naturally with our pets, dogs and cats, but spread (to the alarm of our friends) to chickens, geese, pigeons (either Peter or Penny!) and even wild ducks! This is the story of a wild duck, her husband and a surprising, gifted and precocious child called ‘Chirpy’.

Ducky Wucky’s Nest

Ducky Wucky’s decided
She needs a safe place for her nest
She’s built it on an ivy wall
Because only she knows best

Disgraceful Darren, her husband
Is nowhere to be seen
He’s off down the pond with his mates
On nest-building he’s not keen

Three years ago about this time
(In duck-years she was thirty)
She had a shock climbing off her nest
Out popped a chick called ‘Chirpy’

Now Chirpy is a special hen
A cut above the rest
She welcomes schoolchildren to her farm
Because she knows she’s the best

We’re keeping an eye on Ducky’s nest
Hoping that it survives
Just what she’ll hatch we won’t know
Until Stanley Stork arrives!

 © Baldock Bard
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