Boot Sale Saturday!


You’ll have to forgive me (or make me suffer!). It’s five-twenty on Saturday morning and after a few hours sleep I’m off to open the first boot sale of the season. I don’t know if you remember a film called ‘Field of Dreams’ where a Kansas farmer built a baseball stadium in the middle of his maize field and sat back on the premise that ‘they will come’. Little did I realise when I watched the movie all those years ago, how prophetic these words would come to be. Each year I advertise, phone and do everything apart from running naked through the streets, in the hope that both sellers and customers ‘will come’ to the car boot sale. The worry is of course fruitless as they always do, but the thought is always there on day one… what if? Whatever you are doing and wherever you are doing it I wish for two things for you: Firstly that you are with someone you love and secondly that you have a wonderful day.

The Christmas tree has long since gone,
With hits by Slade and Yoko and John.
New Years resolution ‘Must go bicycling’
Like Easter egg packaging out for recycling.
The pasting table from the garage is found,
That with folding chair had gone to ground.
The alarm clock used on an extra day,
Say the kids from the duvet – “GO AWAY!”
Into the car at some unearthly hour,
Try to avoid the husband’s glower!
Arrive at Baldock at the light of day,
It’s time for booting – It’s Saturday!

© Baldock Bard
The Baldock Saturday Car Boot Sale returnsfor its 20th anniversary season TODAY!

Bootphone: 07852 707 074