A Stitch in Time!


JCB Loadall 15Yesterday morning I had a most frustrating time in the local hospital with an elderly relative, followed by over half an hour stuck in a traffic jam inside the hospitals expensive multi-storey car park. I was looking forward to carting fertilizer out to James on the spreader in the afternoon. However a discovery made me wary…

“There’s a nail in your tyre,” said James,
“It always pours but never rains!”
I thought about attacking it with pliers,
But it’s better left in high-pressure tyres!
Looking up to the sky for inspiration,
What James said next caused consternation:
“I shouldn’t look at the other tyre if I were you,
‘Cos you’ll find there’s one in there too!”
So I nurtured the tyres with much care,
Hoping not to soil my underwear!
So this morning the tyre depot I’ll ring,
A stitch in time is a wonderful thing!
Nailed it© Baldock Bard 2015
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