The Big Breakfasters!


Hotel BreakfastWhen did we become a greedy nation? Perhaps we always were and I missed the vital signs? The other morning I had a self-service breakfast in a hotel. I asked a waitress if much food was wasted by people’s greed. Her reply was shocking…

“Many breakfasters pile up their plate,
Sausages, eggs, hash browns to sate,
Then when that’s gone they’re back for more,
And possibly a third time if they’re sure!”

“Their final plate is seldom cleared,
Belching and farting they’ve disappeared,
Leaving behind a wasted plateful,
Wouldn’t do it at home it’s disgraceful.”

“Off they go to do whatever they do,
With a heaving stomach (to the loo!),
But I know,” she said with sorrow,
“They’ll do the same at breakfast tomorrow!”

*The picture above is a serving suggestion only involving actors who cleared their plates!

© Baldock Bard 2015
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