A Surprise on the Menu!


A1On Sunday evening Mrs Bard and I went out to the Allimentum restaurant in Cambridge for their Sunday Supper Club. Mark Pointon, the Head Chef, likes to tease and surprise with his novel dishes and try out new ideas on customers on a Sunday evening once a month. However this time I was in for more than a culinary surprise. Just as we were called to our tables a fellow-diner who we’d not seen for over twenty years approached us!
Bryan and I went to college together to study agriculture, nearly forty years ago. That we met in Cambridge is not that remarkable, however the fact that Mrs B and I had been discussing him and what he might possibly be up to, not ten minutes before, as we drove to the restaurant, is beyond coincidence.
The last time we met he was selling teak garden furniture at an agricultural show. I clearly remember at the time thinking that his talents were being wasted. You see, Bryan has always been a ‘fixer’. At college it was obvious that his talents lay in organising, therefore to find him selling garden furniture had been incongruous to say the least!
I am pleased to be able to say that he has, very successfully by the look of it, found his niche in life as an organiser of world-wide corporate golf.
As I am used to looking in the mirror every morning at a face that resembles a bag of spanners, it is with a small portion of ‘Les yeux vert’ that he has aged so well.
For someone who dreads any form or reunion, it was great to catch up with him, once I’d recovered from the shock!
Oh! I nearly forgot, amongst all the excitement, the food was so good I almost licked the plate…A2

To enjoy Bryan’s organisational skills for your corporate golfing event go to http://www.golffish.co.uk

To enjoy Mark Pointon’s exceptional food at the Michelin-starred Allimentum go to http://www.restaurantalimentum.co.uk

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