Baldock in the Sunshine!


Baldock CafesA few years ago, Baldock went all Mediterranean. The councilors decided to make large grass areas on one side of the High Street. At the time I suggested that they had enjoyed one holiday in a foreign clime too many. I can now admit I was wrong. This summer has witnessed large numbers sitting outside the many cafes enjoying the sun. Whether it was a cost-effective idea I cannot say, but it certainly has helped bring life where other high streets are deserted…

They’re sitting outside the café,
It’s as if they’ve all gone abroad,
The children are playing on the mown grass,
Not a hit or sign of being bored!
Mothers are meeting and chatting,
Granddad’s ordered a scone!
His false teeth have stuck to the cream,
Waitress smiles and simply moves on!
Pushchairs clutter the pavement,
From them emerge two small feet,
There’s rejuvenation happening in Baldock,
In the sunshine on the High Street!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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