A Tail of Three Monkeys!


My granddaughter Marsya has a monkey that is her constant companion. In order to preserve the bloodline there are also two spares! If the three monkeys ever meet they have to be forcibly separated. They tend to become vicious and attempt to discredit the other in an effort to become ‘The One!’ As they say in films, ‘It’s Complicated’…
Spare Monkey 1Spare Monkey lies upon the floor,
He’s just been dropped his head is sore!
He thinks he may be on his way,
To join them all on holiday!
But we all know that won’t be,
There’s only room for one monkey!
Spare Monkey 2Other Spare Monkey sits upon the chair,
Sulking because she’s not there,
He knows that she’s on holiday.
Why he was left no one will say,
So he sits with an angry face,
Because he was left out from the case!
Main Monkey
Main Monkey sits in his rightful place,
Just an inch from Marsya’s face!
The other monkeys can go swing,
They are spares, he’s the thing!
However he tells them it’s not all fun,
“You have to work hard to be Number One!”

© Baldock Bard 2013
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