Ahoy There Me Hearty’s!


Sometimes we just need something that makes us smile. Today, 19th September is ‘International Talk Like a Pirate Day!’ and so I offer you this from a seasoned landlubber. Shiver me timbers, hoist the Jolly Roger and follow the Baaaaard for a little pirating…

“Yo Ho Ho! Me Buccaneer’s
It’s ‘Talk like a Pirate Day’
Me hearty’s need some cheering up
While they ships lie safe in the bay!”

“Don’t spill the grog me Hearty – it’s a landlubber pirate party!”

“We be flyin the Jolly Roger
Lookin for Galleons to flog
We be loaded to the gunwales
An missed them due to the fog!”

“Don’t spill the grog Hearty – it’s a pirate party!”

“We ended up in Baldock
With bagfuls of pieces of eight
We tried both High Street banks
They were closed, we were late!”

“Don’t spill Hearty – it’s a landlubber party!”

“We set sail for the Capital
(right down the A1m)
We broke our mast at Stevenage
Won’t go there again!”

“Don’t spill a party!”

So shiver me timbers!
Cat o’ nine tails,
We’re crap at being pirates
We’ll stick to boot sales!

“Don’t shpill ze grog me Farty – ish a Randfubber pirache parchty!”

By the powers I must thank shipmate Ailsa for reminding me, ye be having a glass of grog on me – Shiver me timbers!

© Baldock Bard 2012
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