Autumn Colours!


September on the farm is a time to cultivate the fields ready for a new crop. Up and down the countryside tractor drivers have been putting in long hours preparing the ground. At Baldock Bard Farm, Pete has been busy…

The big John Deere is chugging away
Its rubber tracks are clean
Dust is blowing far behind
As it makes an Autumn scene

The subdisk has two rows of tines
That stirs the earth below
Discs then chop up any lumps
The forward speed is slow!
Pete is sitting in the cab
Twelve hours on his own
The only company he has got
The radio and his phone!

As you pass him in the car
Give the chap a toot!
He’s the start of your daily bread
And he doesn’t wear a suit!
© Baldock Bard 2012
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