Alex Rushmer’s Salted Caramel Chocolate Pot!


ChocpotA week ago, Mrs Bard and I turned up at the Hole in the Wall restaurant outside Cambridge, home to chef and Masterchef finalist, Alex Rushmer. Unfortunately for us there was no room at the inn. The following week I climbed a hill in Norfolk to get a phone signal and pleaded until, rather like the tiny spacecraft clinging to a comet 4 billion miles away, we were offered a table at the last knockings of this Friday’s lunch service.
I have an apology to make. When choosing the picture for today I realise that by looking very closely, I can see microscopic remains of Alex Rushmer’s Salted Caramel Chocolate Pot clinging to the side of the glass along with a splodge of wasted salted caramel on the plate. The possibly that I may have missed some of this magnificent pudding has caused me a very sleepless night…

I had a nightmare this night past,
I’d left chocolate pudding in my glass,
No matter what implements I used,
Chocolate and caramel to the glass was fused.
I tried to use my index finger,
Alas parts of the chocolate still did linger.
Had I possessed a lizard tongue,
Remaining pudding would have been none.
Had I had more supple knees,
Could have been Tom Cruise with trapeze!
The provided spoon led to this strife,
Wore it down ‘till it resembled a knife!
What I really should have done,
Stop the scraping – order another one!

Our meal was, like the little spacecraft, out of this world.
If you too would like to taste Alex Rushmer’s remarkable food, visit his website or book on ring the Hole in the Wall on 01223 812 282

© Baldock Bard 2014
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