Vanish – the family pack!


Vanish 2In the supermarket on Sunday morning, a family pack of stain remover caught my eye. This led me to consider what it would be like to be able to disappear at will. Then I wondered if the remover could be extended to time-shift as well. At this rate the men in white coats cannot be far away…

Just imagine if you could vanish at will,
Perhaps in a restaurant before paying the bill!
All hold hands and ‘Whoosh!’ you’re gone
To find yourselves in Saigon!

The last helicopter leaves the embassy roof,
Hold hands again you’re now in Beirut!
Leave the Middle East the quickest way
Shut your eyes, you’re now in LA!

Hollywood-hopefuls on every street,
Back to London in a heartbeat!
Suddenly your surroundings all look Spanish,
You rue the day you first learnt to vanish!

Then I find myself at home on a Sunday afternoon, so I reach for the tub of stain remover and…..

© Baldock Bard 2014
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