Alice and the Seasonal Market!


Balloon SellersYesterday I wandered through a ‘seasonal’ street market. Quite which season it represented, I wasn’t sure, but lots of townsfolk seemed to be having fun. In the midst of all this gaiety I watched a mother tussle with her young daughter over a balloon. I felt for the mother who seemed to be destined for the losing side whatever the score…

Alice went to the street fair,
Held her patient-mother’s hand,
There were lots of stalls and candy floss,
And a Salvation Army band!

It was almost too early for Christmas,
Most of the stalls were such,
But Alice wanted a helium balloon,
For her small hands to clutch!

Her mother bought her a mince pie,
And a warming drink,
But didn’t buy a helium balloon,
Which made ‘dear’ Alice think.

Another girl with a red balloon,
Got in Alice’s way,
She sneakily kicked her on the shin,
The red balloon flew away!

Alice’s mother gave in to her,
The balloon emptied her purse,
Stood horrified as away it flied,
Which just made Alice worse!

With an apology to all Alice’s who are warm, loving and caring people and nothing like the Alice portrayed here! This is a work of fiction, no animals were hurt in the production process, this is a serving suggestion only.

© Baldock Bard 2013
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