Chocolate and Gin! (Or how to cure Man-Flu)


Chocolate and Gin!Yesterday evening, Mrs Bard and I were in Waitrose. Much to Mrs Bard’s annoyance, I was sniffling. She made an instant diagnosis that sent a shiver down my spine – I had ‘influenza-terrible-pour-homme’. As she stood in front of a shelf groaning under the weight of remedies she ventured to suggest, to no one in particular, “if they made a cure for Man-Flu, they’d make millions!” As quick as a flash a member of staff who was stacking shelves, offered a solution…!

If you’ve got a touch of Man-Flu,
Your nose running faster than a Mo,
Don’t bother with traditional medicine,
Elsewhere in the shop you must go!

Buy a giant bar of chocolate,
One will do to begin,
Then it’s off to the drinks display,
To grab a litre bottle of gin!

Chocolate and gin, chocolate and gin!
Until you forget which room you are in!
In the morning no more flu,
A giant hangover, has cured you!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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