An Embarrassing Problem!


I have an embarrassing problem. I have tried all the remedies: herbal, traditional, homeopathic, colourful and patterned but I still find it hard to find a matching pair of socks. I used to buy packs of socks with brightly coloured feet but that just served to highlight the problem. All suggestions will be gratefully received and treated in the strictest confidence…

Do you get given socks for Christmas?
And find yourself not amused?
You feel the package before opening,
A sense of disappointment perfused.

Well I have this little problem,
I’ve had it for a year,
There’s a sock black hole in my sock drawer,
One by one they disappear.

I tried buying industrial quantities,
An ‘out-buy the shortage’ idea,
I’ve tried to clip them together,
But it’s not worked at all I fear.

Now I’ve discovered the answer,
I now buy them all the same,
No fancy colours or patterns,
Has put an end to my odd-sock shame.

I go to the boot sale on Saturdays,
Mr Sock is there on Row One,
He has a fantastic selection to choose from,
I chose black by the sack – I’ve won!

Mr Sock sells socks (caps and hats too!)

© Baldock Bard
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