The Two Wheelie Bins!


Sometimes when I write I have no idea where the story comes from or where it is heading. Today’s stems from taking out the trash and took a most unusual direction. This Wednesday, wherever you are in the world, wish a stranger ‘Good Morning’ with a smile…

There once were two wheelie bins, lived in a local town,
One was black and shiny, the other one was brown.
They used to argue all the time, shouting all day long,
Whose contents were the best and whose were very wrong!
“My contents go for recycling,” said the brown bin with filled with glee,
“While your rubbish goes to landfill in lorry number three!”
The black bin was so flummoxed, had no clue of what to say,
All you have is maggot-breath on a warm summer’s day!
“Ith’s my thurn to empthy,” a maggot tickled Brownies tongue.
Yes but you’ll have to wait for emptying, two bank holidays not just one!
They were so busy arguing, neither noticed running kids,
They knocked them both to the floor, and kicked their gaping lids.
Brownie are you alright there? I think I’ve just been sick!
My contents on the pavement, dirty plastic and a brick.
The brown bin shuddered helplessly, “Can you please help me?
There’s a mouldy piece of pizza mixed with plastic and dry tea”
The two lay together, the night was long and dark,
Cats appeared to scavenge along with foxes from the park.
In the morning neighbours on smelling the dreadful smell,
Rang to complain to the council, “the stink down here is hell!”
A van arrived much later, fluorescent suits cleared up the spill,
And emptied them both together, destination was landfill!
The black bin whispered quietly when he knew the coast was clear,
I just want to say my friend, I’m so glad that you were here.
The brown bin smiled wistfully, the maggots all had gone,
“I’m so glad we live together, I can see that I was wrong.”
And so they live in harmony, enjoying a shared aim,
Because apart from their colour, they’re really both the same.

© Baldock Bard
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