An Old Friend!


grape-nutsHave you ever spotted an old friend and walked on by knowing it wouldn’t work out? I was in our local supermarket when, tucked away in the corner of a shelf outnumbered by more famous and larger brands, was a very old friend. However times have changed and I had to ignore…

I passed an old friend in the aisle,
the memories we shared made me smile.
We’d meet in the mornings long ago,
when I was a lad yet to grow!
But then you went out of my life,
I had two kids and a wife,
I can’t return to that crunchy delight,
with my dentures it wouldn’t be right!

I never knew where the name ‘Grape-Nuts’ came from as they included neither! Where did the hen and chicks on the packet go? Thanks for the memory!

© Baldock Bard 2016
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