The Special Friend


monkeyMost children have something that, above all else, is so precious to them that at times of distress only that item will do. My granddaughter has Monkey. The fact that she has a number of identical simians makes no difference, only Monkey will do. There are times when adults could do with such a friend…

My Granddaughter’s monkey always wears a smile,
even though his life’s a trial.
Everywhere he tags along,
just in case things go wrong!
He knows how to make things better,
by clinging on to her tear-stained sweater.
His reward for being her friend,
is constant use: mend on mend.
Even then he wears that smile,
his friendship goes that extra mile!

Remembering all those special friends we all rely on in times of trouble. Do you know someone who could do with a special ‘Monkey-style’ hug today?
Especially remembering Maxwell, Mandy, Annabell and Thomas also John, Angie, Rachel and family. Life can be cruel but friends can help by being friends. 

© Baldock Bard 2016
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