9-11 An Unforgettable Moment in Time


Can you remember where you were on 9-11? Mrs Bard was collecting our daughter from school (it was mid-afternoon in the UK) and my son, David, called me from my office: “come and see these pictures of an plane hitting one of the Twin Towers in New York”. I reached the sitting room just in time to see the second plane, behind the Sky correspondents back, turn and make it’s way into the second tower.
The picture above was recently posted on Reddit with the caption: ‘The final picture of my cousin Gary – taken on September 11, 2001’.
That week (September 14th 2001) I published the following verse in the local paper. How well it fits the photo…

Dedicated to Emergency Crews around the world and all those who have sacrificed their lives in the call of duty to save others.

They walk towards danger,
When we run away.
They answer our calls,
Both by night and by day.
Whether Moslem or Christian,
Doesn’t matter to them.
They’d risk their lives,
Then do it again.
How do we thank them,
For the risks that they take?
Cost cutting measures,
Small savings to make.
After events in New York,
What have we learned?
To value them all,
Give them the credit they’ve earned.

All efforts have been made to trace the copyright holder of the photo without success.  

© Baldock Bard 2012
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