Spiced Ham!


Yesterday I had a very busy Inbox – ‘you have comments awaiting moderation!’ The number made me both celebratory and cautious at the same time: I’d either upset a whole host of readers or I’d touched a nerve in a more positive way. Trawling through them I discovered they were a product of Spiced Ham…

I opened up my E-mail box,
There was a big surprise:
Nearly seventeen hundred comments,
I couldn’t believe my eyes!

I started the process of moderation,
To find they were sneaky sales,
Looking to con my readers,
From L.A. right to Wales!

What in the world is a Cialis?
Does my butcher know?
If I wore designer shoes
On the farm would they show?

‘Louis Vuitton’ handbag?
Maybe ‘Microsoft 10’?
Pssst! Want a shady payday loan?
Or a ‘Cartier’ watch for men?

I’ve seventeen hundred comments,
All awaiting moderation.
It’s unfair to call them Spam,
When they’re just an irritation!

Postscript: In the twenty-four hours since posting this I have only had thirty-two offers of a pharmaceutical nature – Things must be getting better! 

© Baldock Bard 2012
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