Analogue Surprises!


Analogue SurprisesDo you like surprises? It was time for an office clear-up. I had become fed up with the amount of paper cluttering up my desk. Why do companies do it? Do they honestly think that, when money is tight, anybody is going to show loyalty to their products just because they sent a badly-worded, poorly printed, piece of A4 that is personally addressed?  All it does is clutter my desk and give me a reason not to do business with them! While clearing out my office yesterday I came across two historic items from a bygone, analogue age…

I was having a good old clear out
Before an office avalanche!
There was enough waste paper,
To make a recycling branch!

I cleared away the danger zone,
Magazines by the score,
And came across part of the past,
I hadn’t seen before!

An ancient film (undeveloped),
Secrets trapped within.
And an analogue trip-planner of the UK,
Should I consign both to the bin?

The roads have changed immeasurably,
Some aren’t even shown!
And as for the pictures locked in the film,
I can’t possibly leave them unknown!

So watch this space in the future!
For when the pictures return,
If they’re any cringe making or embarrassing,
What secrets within, you might learn!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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