Gin the Cat!


Gin the CatAre you a cat or dog person? Whereas dogs show unconditional love, cats are more discrete with their emotions. They also have been known to show great annoyance at the names by which their human calls them. It is also not uncommon for them to eschew meals in order to make a point, this sometimes worries humans of nervous disposition. This can lead to the tempting to the bowl with such delacies as salmon, prawns and fresh liver, only for pussy to bypass them in favour of the original canned food or dried nuts. Cats know their place, their humans sometimes do not…

We have a cat, her name is Gin,
Because she’s such a tonic!
She’s always been a coward,
Sudden noise, goes supersonic!

Some days she’s fond of fish,
Other days it must be chicken,
Put some butter on her paws,
She becomes a-kitten-lick’n!

She likes to come in through the window,
When we’re fast asleep.
Bringing dead mice to show us,
Then on the bed to eat!

The other day she was poorly,
We thought she was quite ill,
My hand was scratched to pieces,
Getting her to take a pill!

But now she is much better,
Back to how she was before,
We remain her servants,
That’s what we humans are for!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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