Another Wet Week!


With yet another wet week hitting our shores bringing chaos and flooding, people are starting to wonder if it will be a wet ‘Lympics’. No notice is being taken of a Dutchman who has built a replica Ark due to be floated up the Thames shortly. Some are drawing a parallel between this and the great storm of 1987 when a Dutch lady rang the Met Office to warn of the imminent hurricane, was ridiculed on the TV weather forecast only to be proved right within hours. Our politicians meanwhile are eagerly awaiting their free seats and hospitality at venues in and around London. One can only hope that they will be able to use the special ‘Lympic’ lanes on our streets (for athletes and ‘Lympic Family Members’ only) so they don’t miss any of the action…..

Saturday morning is here again
Summer 2012, nothing but rain
Shows put up the ‘cancelled’ sign
While MP’s insist “we’re doing just fine”

A Dutchman has built a replica Ark
He’s to moor it by the ‘Lympic Park’
If the forecasters really can’t tell what’s coming
The 100 metres could be swimming not running!

We really must learn to trust politicians
As they take free seats in the best positions
For all our sakes they issue a warning
Then blame everything on Global Warming!

Just be warned:
If a man near you
Is collecting animals
two by two!

© Baldock Bard 2012
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