Suburban Rainforest!


Some friends have recently moved house. The view from their old house into the neighbouring garden was quite unique. It was like looking down on a rainforest. I was disappointed not to see the odd monkey or snake…

Some friends lived next door to ‘Jungle Jim’
Had a garden you couldn’t fit anything in.
The shrubs had overgrown you’ve no idea,
His mower left in there some time last year.
Somewhere hidden a chair and a table
Electric strimmer and power cable.
Indiana Jones searching for the garden shed
Finds lost suburban tribe instead!
Greenhouse gasses don’t stand a chance
With a mini-rainforest of overgrown plants.
A neighbour like that makes no sense
As tigers peer through the broken fence!
When fruits overhung they went picking’em
From ‘Jungle Jim’s’ wildlife park in Twickenham!

© Baldock Bard 2012
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