At Loggerheads!


I was in the village of Loggerheads the other day and noticed a very impressive notice board for their Parish Council. Having attended many Parish Council meetings in my time I wondered if theirs were any different with a name like that…

They can’t agree at the Parish Council
There’s shouting and name-calling too
The chairman has suggested a short break
Before it resembles a zoo!

The minutes from the last meeting
Have been read and not all agree
Some have complained they were left out
The clerk knows that this couldn’t be

The Planning Committee have reported
Proposals put to the floor
There’s shouting out loud from the applicant
“I won’t be at this meeting no more!”

The playing field committee unanimous
They need a new swing and a slide
Health and safety have caused them some problems
They complain it’s raining outside!

The Vicar has tried calming tactics
He’s been called a silly old fool
He’s praying out loud for an outcome
Bad language not his as a rule

A farmer arrives after milking
He’s keen to enter the row
The meeting’s become a combatant zone
They’re all at Loggerheads now!

(NB. To be at loggerheads can mean to be ‘ in contention about differences of opinion’ as well as physically in the place of that name)

© Baldock Bard 2012
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