The Cheeselet Season!


I like Cheeselets. However they are getting more and more difficulty to obtain outside the Christmas season! These refugees from the Seventies are clinging onto life in the twenty-first Century by their fingernails. Cheese Footballs made a surprise return to the shops a couple of years ago but are now only a distant memory. Every year I expect similar extinction for Cheeselets…

I have a friend who lives down West
Who understands what I like best
She e-mailed a photo for a reason:
To remind me it’s now the Cheeselet season!

I understand that game or shellfish
Outside their season would be quite selfish
Why not Cheeselets on any date?
They have no need to propagate!

So from after Christmas to Michaelmass
No Cheeselets available I don’t fuss!
But it’s now time to pull out the stops,
They’re safely back on sale in the shops!
© Baldock Bard 2012
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One thought on “The Cheeselet Season!

  1. It might be Cheeselet season but I just cannot find any. Is there a shortage? Are the authorities trying to stop us enjoying Cheeselets for some reason?

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