At the Pumps!


tankerAt this busy time of year on the farm it’s vital that the diesel tank is full. When time is of the essence, a thirsty tractor arriving at the diesel tank only to find it empty is a disaster. However like most things that you see every day, the tank blends into the bakground and sometimes becomes invisible! The fuel companies that we use are well used to tardy farmers and shuffle deliveries around when needed, however on this occasion, wet weather and a lull in cultivations meant that I judged it just about right…

Very early yesterday morning,
There’s a lorry in the yard,
Making a most important delivery,
Without fuel our job would be marred.
In the most briefest period,
Four thousand litres in the tank,
Enough I hope to finish the land-work,
(Pay the bill, money from the bank!)
So when you’re next at the service station,
50 litres you’ve just pumped,
Thank heaven’s you don’t drive a tractor,
with 400 litres you’d be stumped!

Isn’t it strange? 530 blogs in 19 months with not a single mention of a tanker lorry and then two stories about tankers (one collecting, one delivering) back to back! (see yesterdays for  Rural Overflows!) Many thanks to all at Watson’s and North Herts Farmers for keeping us in the furrow!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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