Hot Spots Before the Cereal Bowl!


Wheat HeapAt this time of year it’s not just about getting the new crop in the ground. We have to keep an eye on the storage of the crop we harvested last month. Some of the wheat has left the farm and is probably well on it’s way towards your cereal bowl. The remainder is in  a large heap on the floor of the barn…

I climbed the heap yesterday morning,
And sat upon the top,
Wiped the sweat from my brow,
Could have used a mop!

Then with a curdling scream,
(milked it for all it’s worth!)
I plunged the spear into the heap,
Went easier than in earth!
Wheat SpearI pressed some buttons on the front,
The machine with a flashing light,
It gave me moisture and temperature,
Confirmed the wheat was alright!

But there was a different patch,
Where the temperature was quite hot,
So in went a fan driven sucky-thing!
To remove the bad warm spot!
Hotspot SpearI left it sucking for half a day,
And when I at last returned,
The temperature of the spot was down,
Another lesson learned!

So if your breakfast cereal,
Seems a little hard,
It’s not my fault, I’m telling you,
Didn’t come from my farm yard!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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