Bad Breath!


While looking for a stock photo for the website I suddenly realised that I hadn’t seen one of my regular buyers for a couple of years. I asked around. This is his tale although I have changed his name to protect the guilty…

Pete’s got a hangover,
Been out on the ale.
The following morning,
To the boot sale.

Pete feels a bit sick,
Pete’s looking pale.
He’s keeping quiet,
At the boot sale.

Pete’s in a stupor,
Pete looks at stalls,
Purchased three spanners,
And two power tools.

Pete’s had enough,
He’s walked and fed,
Feeling quite fragile,
Pete’s off home to bed!

Pete crashed his car,
The police were called,
In front of the magistrate,
Pete was now hauled.

Pete is now banned,
“Breathalyzer lied”
Pete’s very lucky,
Nobody died.

Pete’s disappeared,
Not seen at all,
Being a drunk driver,
Is really not cool.

© Baldock Bard
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