Bad Weather Beats Bard (almost)!


Recent rain has seeped into the local telephone exchange and singled out my Internet connection. According to BT it may be after 4pm before I am back online. So I am going out into the storm with my trusty iPhone to search for a signal. I have donned my Sou’wester and am on my way. Wish me luck, I may be gone for some time…

The weather this week has been so wet,
Alas I’m left with no Internet.
Yesterday morning I rang BT,
Who said it’d be back today after tea.
When in the past the phone wouldn’t ring,
I’d be left with two cans and a piece of string!
Now the Internet is broke,
I’ll be passing around a note I wrote!
However to publish it online,
Out in the storm one more time.
On top of the hill to get reception,
And pray you enjoy this small reflection!

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible. We thank you for your patience and hope you have a good day!
Baldock Bard
sent from my iPhone (I hope!)

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