Today is Thanksgiving day in the United States. To non-Americans it seems to be a late celebration of a harvest 391 years ago. Rather like our Christmas they will be eating turkey but with the shops open! Being one who needs little excuse for a celebration with lots of eating, I like the idea. So Happy Thanksgiving to our American cousins…

Happy Thanksgiving Day
To all our friends in the USA
We have heard that you are cooking
A great big turkey, that’s good looking!

Then you’ll eat Pumpkin Pie
I really can’t imagine why!
The Pilgrims sailed to you from here
You celebrate their harvest every year

Three turkeys are given to the President
Two are pardoned one to the oven-sent!
Stuffing, gravy and cranberry sauce
Vegetables and mashed potatoes of course!

You’re our first cousins from across the sea
We almost share a dictionary!
Many times we have cause to note
We’re just Americans who missed the boat!

Lay another place at the table, we’re on our way!

© Baldock Bard 2012
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