Baldock Station


Baldock StationSometimes I drive through Baldock during the rush hour. At this time I feel nothing but pity for those rushing to or from the station. Thankfully we are all different. I would hate to commute and consider myself extraordinarily lucky that I don’t have to take the train every morning…

Down at the station they rush for the train,
Don’t seem to notice it’s pouring with rain.
Into the carriage with much stamp of feet,
Most of them standing without gaining a seat.
Packed in like cattle (would anger the law,
For cattle must be able to at least see the floor!)
And so it continues with little respite,
Away in the morning and home every night.
And then, oh what bliss, two weeks away,
Crowded on some beach on their holiday!

But oh what joy when I board the train.
The station is empty; their loss is my gain!
I sit in a seat and stretch out my feet,
I wouldn’t do their job for ten thousand a week!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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