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Box of WineI have to admit I’m not a great drinker. Many years ago, when I was young (and cars were preceded by a man with a red flag), I got very drunk on cheap red wine in a Greek restaurant in London. As a result I spent the night regretting it with one leg hanging out of the bed to steady me! Last week I ordered a case of wine online and had to check it was drinkable…

I bought a case of wine from the internet,
I’d had it once before,
I liked it better the second time,
I woke up on the floor!

My head felt like concrete,
My arms were a bit like lead,
My knees were stiff as if welded,
I couldn’t get into bed!

My arms encircled my darling,
My mind was blurry with grog,
She kissed me with all passion,
I woke up kissed by the dog!

The moral of this tale is simple,
You don’t need to see it in rhyme,
Get your wine from a local retailer,
But buy it one at a time!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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