Bank Holiday Monday!


Bank HolidayIt’s just what the doctor ordered, a rare bank holiday Monday with sunny skies. In the supermarkets, barbecue tongs and sausages are flying off the shelves along with Ice cream and suntan lotion. The bankers have chosen a great day to take a break…

It’s bank holiday Monday,
Only the banks are closed,
The bankers need a rest day,
Only why, nobody knows!

Everything else is open,
You can buy a hat or a coat,
You can even visit a circus,
To watch a performing goat!

To shepherds on the hillside,
It’s another working day,
They’re in the middle of lambing,
They’re working night and day.

It’s chaos on the roadways,
The queues stretch for miles,
Uncle Arthur just won’t stop moaning,
Something to do with his piles!

Spare a thought for those,
Manning the tills no complain,
While those who fuelled the recession,
Have a day off drinking champagne!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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