Bed Sizes


I don’t know about you, but ever since our children were little our bed has never been big enough for a Sunday morning. Dogs and children vie for space and the bed groans under the weight. Even when our children had outgrown their parents we found the bed not large enough. Having had four dogs and a daughter leap on our bed the other morning it got me thinking and led to this, I hope you enjoy it…

Bed Sizes Through The Ages

When I was four,
my mother said:
“I think you now need a much bigger bed”

When I left home,
my girlfriend said:
“I think you could do with a larger bed”

When we were married,
my new wife said:
“I think we should share a much larger bed”

When we had a child,
my pregnant wife said:
“I think we’ll be needing a much bigger bed”

Crammed children and wife,
on a Sunday once said:
“I think we could do with a comfortable bed”

With grandchildren, wife
and three dogs instead:
“Thank heavens we’ve got a large enough bed”

Now in my eighties,
nursed and spoon-fed,
I’m thankful for memories of a once-larger bed.

© Baldock Bard

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