Some years ago, a seller at the boot sale was given the nickname ‘Lucky’ as it appeared that he had suffered from more than his fair share of bad luck in life. Whenever he passed the food stand, they would shout “Lucky” and he’d give them a one-fingered salute while a wicked grin spread across his face. Despite his constant misfortune he had a great sense of humour and was able to laugh at himself as well as laugh at others.
It was only when he stopped attending that everyone realized what an important part of our lives he’d become. So this is for you, Lucky, wherever you are, with our thanks for lightening our lives…


Lucky was a seller at the boot sale,
When others were winning, he would just fail.
Lucky isn’t lucky any more.
He set out his stall, it took until ten,
By the time goods were out, time to load up again.
Lucky isn’t lucky any more.

In winter a range of cheapest sun-lotion,
Sold snow chains in August, to help with the motion.
Lucky isn’t lucky any more.
“Of course it’s pukka, one of my priorities!”
When caught selling fakes by the authorities
Lucky isn’t lucky any more.

His ex-BT van went up in smoke,
Some faulty lighters he bought from a bloke.
Lucky isn’t lucky any more.
Instead of the van he bought a green trailer,
It’s left wheel came off, it was a failer.
Lucky isn’t lucky any more.

He ‘out-Del Boyed’ Del Boy, was a real Trotter
Always the nice guy, never the rotter,
Lucky should be lucky for sure.
Now Lucky has gone, to sell stuff in heaven,
Took a wrong turning, ended up down in Devon.
Lucky, you’re lucky once more!

© Baldock Bard
The Baldock Saturday Car Boot Sale returns on the 14th April 2012