Big Bag Seed Stacking!


Thankfully there is very little lifting on farms these days. Gone are the days of struggling up a ladder into a granary with harvest on your back in the shape of an enormous ‘railway sack’ weighing as much as a colleague. The hardest task now is likely to be using a large spanner or replacing a wheel. It may be easier times but other skills are required…

I’ve been playing Big-Bag Stacking,
With half-tonne bags of seed,
To pick them off the lorry,
A steady drive you need.

Reversing through the doorway,
Watching forward and back.
Careful as you’re turning,
In case you tear a sack.
Then it’s down to stacking,
One above the other.
Making sure they’re level,
Or you’ll cry “Dear mother!”

You may think that’s the end,
Celebrating – right?
Next morning is just chaos,
They’ve fallen overnight!
© Baldock Bard 2012
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