The Bard’s New Clothes!


True friends are those who come to the rescue, they are life’s fourth emergency service. Since my trusty Isuzu burnt out at harvest time (see Bard passim: I have been very lucky to have been lent vehicles by friends to tow the toilets to the car boot sale on a Saturday. Recently Ian has lent me his Land Rover…

Ian lent me his Land Rover,
It goes like a bat out of hell!
Something to do with chips I’m told,
(covered with hot chili sauce as well!)

Compared to my poor burnt Isuzu,
It pulls the loo trailer with ease.
Up the hill I feel quite ill,
As I shout “Whoa, Oh whoa please!
But it’s on Saturday mornings,
Where it seems confusion has been:
Nobody knows my new tin clothes,
I enter the sale unseen!

“Where’s your motor gone?”
Has been a common refrain,
The times I’ve had to answer,
Are enough to addle the brain!

Jim told me the other morning,
(he’s never been a charmer):
“For the first time since I’ve known you,
You look like a proper farmer!”
© Baldock Bard 2012
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