Boris (Baldock’s bendy bus!)


UBBI have seen some strange sights in my hometown. Christmas lights burning brightly many days after Twelfth Night, a man sitting on a town centre bench in the snow eating a sandwich and a diligent road-sweeper sweeping the pavement on a Sunday morning. However last week I was surprised to see a bendy bus…

I saw a bendy bus in Baldock,
I thought to myself ‘That’s strange’
I knew they were once in London,
But that’s well out of range!
I was almost tempted,
To hop on for a ride,
But knowing my luck I’d be stranded,
This side of Rotherhithe!
I’ve never travelled by Bendy,
I wonder what it’s like,
Do you have to lean into the turn,
Just like on a children’s trike?
I stopped and stared and wondered
If in fact these were dreams,
Because sometimes here in Baldock,
Things ain’t just what they seems!

For non-UK readers: Bendy buses were introduced in London in 2002. Following complaints in 2008, mayoral candidate Boris Johnson pledged to rid the Capital of them and the last one left the streets in December 2011. Many were exported to Malta where (according to the Guardian 13/12/11) “they are driving Maltese round the bend.”

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