Considerate Parking Enforcement!


Golden TicketOn Saturday Mrs Bard and a friend needed to visit a specialist cookery shop. I parked in the car park in St Neots, Cambridgeshire, fetched a ticket and waited for them. I witnessed an unusual sight. Maybe it was the lack of faux-military uniform and cap, but I witnessed an unexpected humanitarian act worthy of a Gold Star…

I was sitting in a car park, waiting for my wife
Who had popped to a shop, I think to buy a knife!
I noticed some movement, from the corner of my eye,
The parking attendant was on the prowl, not guilty was I.
I picked up the ticket from on top of the dashboard,
And waved it in her direction, as she stood by a Ford!
I went back to what, I’d been doing all along,
My gazed drifted back to her, something was wrong!
She peered through a windscreen and then slowly turning,
Looked around the car park for anyone returning,
Then as a last resort when nobody could she see,
She ticketed the car, I was glad it wasn’t me!
I walked over when she’d gone, this unusual act to view,
And noticed that the ticket was thirty minutes overdue.
There are many bad stories where parking is concerned,
But give this lady a gold star, respect has been well earned!

Baldock-Bard-Gold-Star-Award-300x291The Baldock Bard Gold Star is an occasional award when somebody or an organisation does something outstanding in their field and deserves commendation.
Previous Winners:
June 9th 2013 – Staff at the 3 Store, Stevenage
Nov 7th 2012 – Belinda at the Deli counter, ASDA Stevenage

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