British Railways 61572


BR 61572Sometimes when on holiday, corners bring unexpected sights! Today whilst meandering along the coast road between Wells Next the Sea and Cromer, Mrs Bard and I came across a railway bridge surrounded by men in orange reflective jackets. Thinking it was a meeting of the secretive Association of Rail-track Surveyors, I stopped to take a photo. Within seconds I realized I had stumbled upon something worth photographing as a steam train puffed along the tracks. What I didn’t know was that the sighting was a photographic event. A unique chance to see the engine in her British Rail livery for two days only, the way she would have been in 1948 shortly after nationalization…

Suddenly out of the blue,
Chuffs engine 61572!
For just two days,
Enthusiasts can gaze,
At the rarest delivery,
In British Rail livery!
Philistines like me,
Don’t realise what we see,
As we happen upon,
a rare phenomenon!
…thinking it’s just another steam train on the North Norfolk Railway!
What a wonderful sight for an old man like me!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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