We Shall Remember Them


ET2Yesterday on Remembrance Day I watched a piper lead a procession up a narrow street in a town in North Norfolk.
I wonder if you have been remembering someone over the Remembrance Weekend?
I have been remembering someone I never met and never knew existed until 17th June 2012. I was walking around the enormous cemetery at Etaples in Northern France. Row upon row of headstones told the story of loss far better than words could ever do.

Wandering away from the orderly lines and shiny white headstones I discovered a grave all on its own, hidden amongst bushes, away from the vast majority. It is Chinese Labour Corps No 9436 that I have been remembering. Perhaps we should all take something from the inscription on his headstone:

A Good Reputation Endures For Ever

Thank You
Number 9436

Died September 23rd 1917
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