Campervan Travels from Number Thirteen!


Camper ParkThere is a house that I’ve known for about seven years that has recently been sold. Part of the landscape of this property is a ‘car-port’, which houses a luxury campervan. Whenever the campervan was missing I used to imagine it’s location. It didn’t really matter if I was right or wrong, as it was never confirmed! However it allowed my imagination free reign as I walked around the shops…

The campervan at Number Thirteen,
Will soon be seen no more,
The house displays a ‘SOLD’ sign,
Outside the white front door!
I wonder where they’ve been?
And will they go again?
Do they like the South of France,
Or maybe prefer Spain?

Or have they travelled further afield,
To Turkey or even Greece,
Or have they been to Katmandu,
To visit a distant niece!
I shall never know where they go,
As soon they’ll be gone for good,
Do the newcomers have a campervan?
I really think they should!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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