Golden Star Apples in Watford!


Apple WatfordFor some time I have had trouble with my I-phone. It was an irritating fault where it would only charge if the charge cord was wrapped around its body. I finally decided to take it to an Apple store and solicit the help of a Genius…

My I-phone would not charge
Oh dear what should I do,
Harvest is just around the corner,
I need a phone that’s true!

And so I went to Watford,
To the ‘Genius’ counter,
They took my phone away from me,
In a swift encounter!

“It’s OK now!” the Genius smiled,
(he’d probably seen enough),
The reason it wouldn’t charge at all,
In the charge point – i-Belly-Fluff!

The staff at the Apple Store in Watford were superb, they didn’t poke fun, they didn’t laugh, they were just extremely welcoming, kind and efficient.
Bravo to the Watford Applers!
The Baldock Bard Gold Star is an occasional award when somebody or an organisation does something outstanding or surprising in their field and deserves commendation.
Previous Winners:
Nov 7th 2012 – Belinda at the Deli counter, ASDA Stevenage
June 9th 2013 – Staff at the 3 Store, Stevenage
Jan 14th 2014 – Humane Parking Enforcement, St Neots

© Baldock Bard 2014
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