Charlotte and the Waves!


Charlotte SwimYesterday morning, while we were all tucked up safely in our warm beds, friend Charlotte stepped into the sea near Dover. Just after 8pm last night she briefly stepped onto French soil. This is a massive achievement that most mortals would not even contemplate. The word ‘respect’ seems inadequate…

Dolly the horse spoke to Buzz the Spaniel,
“My mummy’s just swum the English Channel”
Buzz, not wishing to sound absurd,
“Are you sure that ‘Channel’ is a word?”
Dolly replied “it’s like a pond,
That stretches to Hatfield and beyond,
You enter the water at Dover Beach,
And swim until France you reach!
She’ll be back home very soon,
Can’t wait to see her I’m over the moon!
I’ll wait until there is no crowd,
Giver her a bite and tell her I’m proud!”

If you are able, please help to top up the fantastic amount that Charlotte has raised for charity. Please visit and give what you can spare in honour of this massive achievement.

© Baldock Bard 2014
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