Old Age Awaits us All!


Old AgeWhile waiting in a car park the other day I was enjoying a spot of people-spotting. An old lady was making her way along the pavement. I realised that as a society we ignore the elderly and treat them like pariahs rather than former wealth-creators. Invisibility is their only reward…

I sit on the bed to put on my socks
I can no longer touch my toes
My toenails are now like rhino horn
That’s how old age goes

I need my specs to find my specs
The truth the mirror shows
I hope my eyesight doesn’t improve
That’s how old age goes!

My legs are next to useless
Now a burden I suppose
Some used to find them attractive
That’s how old age goes

My teeth I drown in a mug at night
Iced over when it snows
Can’t afford to pay for heating
That’s how old age goes!

My friends have predeceased me
I’ve buried all my foes
I’ve no one left who knows me
That’s how old age goes!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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