Child Minding Grandpa!


Grandad + PramHave you noticed how many of advancing years are out and about pushing prams and walking toddlers? Either there has been a sudden advancement in fertility treatment or financial hardship has made grandparents a cost-effective alternative to employed child-care. However it has been suggested that Google is replacing grandparents; kids now look stuff up online rather than asking their wise old grandpa…

“Grandad, I’m so hungry,
What have I got for tea?”
“I should go ask Google,
Or your mother, don’t ask me!
We’ve already done the shopping,
Been down to the dry cleaners,
A visit to the DIY stores,
To repair your misdemeanors!”

“You know your mother’s ordered me,
You can’t have any sweets.
You’re not allowed to eat those crisps,
Or any unhealthy treats!
She says I’m not to spoil you,
Give in to you at all,
She’s has completely forgotten,
How it was when she was small!”

“I think we got away with it,
Telling her we were home,
When she rang to check on us,
On her mobile phone!
As you’ve been so good,
We’ll buy some sweets to munch,
So long as you don’t tell her,
We went to the pub for lunch!”

© Baldock Bard 2013
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