The Bear in the Chair!


Bear in the ChairMany years ago I remember seeing a bear in a shop window. Yesterday while walking through town with my granddaughter I came across a shop window that contained a bear in a chair. Times had changed but it was a familiar scene. I couldn’t let the opportunity pass…

There once was a bear
Who sat in a chair,
In the window of a shop in town!
He’d sit there all day,
Not a word did he say,
Never blinked not even a frown!

Along came a child,
In a pushchair styled,
Like the expensive one in the book!
He looked at the bear,
Just sitting there,
And said to his mother, “Look!”

“If we give him a home,
I’ll call him Jerome,
I’ll be a good boy all week long!
I can’t bear to see,
Him there so lonely,
If you buy him it can’t be wrong!

So she bought him Jerome,
And they took him home,
Left behind his empty chair!
Twenty years later,
If you visit his mater,
The bear from the chair’s still there!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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